Senior Pastor Dr. Deloris S. Thompson

Since March 1994, Dr. Deloris S. Thompson has served as Senior Pastor of Redeem Fellowship Christian International in Savannah/Garden City, Georgia. A congregation organized in 1994 that serves the City of Savannah and the world. Redeem Fellowship Christian International is a non-denominational, multi-cultural church, originally founded in one of Dr. Deloris S. Thompson’s homes with thirty members. In keeping with Redeem’s history of providing relevant congregational and community ministries, Dr. Deloris S. Thompson has launching several new entities’, including: Redeem Fellowship Community Out Reach, Inc., Valor Rose, Inc., Deloris S. Thompson Multi-Complex Center, and Dr. Thompson is President of North Carolina Theological Seminary College satellite campus in Savannah/Garden City, GA.

Dr. Deloris S. Thompson’s educational background includes a (B.A.) Degree Sociology from Savannah State University, Diploma in Biblical Studies from the Pentecostal Miracle Deliverance Center’s Bible Institution, Business Administration (B.S.) degree from Kaplan University, Masters in Theology and Doctoral Degree in Divinity from North Carolina Theological Seminary College.

Dr. Thompson has become a seasoned minister, spending over a two decade leading, training ministers, empowering and mentoring women, men and children through education, social reform, self-esteem and health.  Dr. Deloris S. Thompson has a humble spirt who is enriching nations through media and missions work since the conception of Redeem Fellowship Christian International. Dr. Thompson is a remarkably gifted teacher, preacher, and prophetess, with the ability to lead people through truths and mysteries of the Bible with inclusive clarity. Dr. Thompson is known to be down-to-earth person combined with pleasing and beautiful spirit.

Dr. Deloris S. Thompson has been married to Apostle Carson Thompson, Sr. for 43 years. Dr. Deloris S. Thompson and Apostle Carson Thompson Sr. are proud parents of three children: Prophet Carson Thompson, Jr. (Sonya), Minister Kenneth Washington Sr. (Stephanie), Chiquitta Mitchell (Gerrard) and Pastor- Elect Annijulette Thompson-Blalock (Daryl Sr.). They have eleven grandchildren.